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Performative Acts of the Everyday takes the form of a digital archival collection with images and videos that redefine or enhance aspects of the everyday; looking for the absurdity, humor and the uncanny in the mundanity, appropriating digital language, approaching random quotidian acts from anthropological and geopolitical perspectives creating intergenerational and transnational dialogues.

The digital archival takes a physical form as a one on one multimedia experience where the works are projected along the multidimensional room in dialogue with one another, expanding and occupying the space.

It includes the works of artists Ayshia Taskin, Benna G. Maris, Gabriel Embeha, Kim Thornton, Lucas Priest, Maeline Li, Marquisha Lu, Nina Davies, Noah Fields, Sasha Asensio, Shahar Tuchner, Transalien and Ouroboros_Occultus. Curated by Marina Cortés 


It will take place at Defibrillator Gallery at Zhou B Art Center, in Chicago, Illinois, USA on May 16th, 2021 (with a possibility of extended date)

Captura de pantalla 2021-02-21 a las 13.

Marquisha Lu

The Cat Gave Us something to come to from the series Rented 


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