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Beginning as a generative Twitter bot for art/event scores, GTN has become a project with many legs, at the core of this project sits a generative art score algorithm. Priest fed the algorithm old Fluxus scores by; ALISON KNOWLES, YOKO ONO, NAM JUIN PAIK, GEORGE BRECHT, ALBERT M. FINE, KEN FRIEDMAN, HI RED CENTER and MILAN KNIZAK, alongside every card from BRIAN ENO/PETER SCHMIDT’s OBLIQUE STRATEGIES deck, and some scores for works he had written himself, as well as some by other Edinburgh Based walking artists such as JONATHAN BAXTER & DEIRDRE MACLEOD. This algorithm creates a collage between these scores, while maintaining a sense of grammar. Lucas ran my algorithm for 3.96 seconds, this produced 1,282 scores. These scores evolved from a desire to shake-up & unlearn what he knows as his creative practice. Made during a time when he had no access to a studio or any making facilities, he turned towards chance operations and the mundaneness of life as a place to investigate the paradox of art making.


These scores are intended to be preformed, re-performed and perpetually re-created. They also exists as a card deck, a tool used to introduce chance operations into performance workshops and other collective pedagogical processes. The cards contains selected scores intended to support cross disciplinary artistic practices and processes, while the Twitter bot is where the algorithm 'lives' tweeting new scores six times a day. Sometimes these scores ask us to reflect, sometimes they propose a problem and sometimes they direct an action or ask us to perform. You could shuffle the deck, drawing one as a creative dilemma arises, or use them quickfire as a creative warm-up exercise, or they could inspire the creation of work more directly. He finds it helpful to trust each card/tweet as he comes across it, as if there is something beyond our chance encounter. Here Priest is am performing one of these scores.

@NothingTowards (Twitter)

Lucas Priest

{Gestures} Towards Nothing Performance No.4: 'Walk with the washing-up'


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