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Marco Zoccateli aka Ouroboros_occultus on Instagram utilizes Instagram as a playful curatorial platform to publish uncanny and humurous, quite often a dank or sad kind of humour, social photography images and appropriates pop culture content reshaping its meaning through altering the original subtitles to critique the absurdities of everyday life and to express the incongruities of the mundaneness. 

Zoccatelli´s curious and humorous images and memes appropriating a digital Gen Z language express the absurdity of everyday life acting as a digital and generational translation of the unusual and uncanny hyperrealism of Asensio´s photography. Zoccatelli´s Instagram operates as a curated space for manifesting the satirical and grotesque elements of a new generational mundaneness, which contrasts and complements Asensio´s search for El Raval´s chaos, picturesque people to notions of beauty and ab/normality

The selection of images for Performative Acts of the Everyday has been a collaboration between the artist and the curator.

Marco Zoccateli (Ouroboros_occultus)



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