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The experience of quarantining in winter & fitting everything in Noah´s life to my allotted square feet was not only isolating but also invoked a mentality of scarcity and entrapment. Going for a short jog in their living room, Fields is literally running around in circles, an exercise in futility yet also an embodiment of their mental state. There is no possibility for departure or escape: their apartment is a closed loop, closing in on me. While she recognized that it was a privilege to have the security of a roof and a stable job they could work at remotely during a global pandemic, Noah had a hard time lifting themself out of grief, anger, resentment, and depression to exercise gratitude for what they had.

Going for a Run is a demonstration of the totalizing dimension and inside-outside blurred division the household has taken as well as an opportunity to reconsider the potential for reframing and recontextualizing house chambers and their relationship to human activity.

Noah Fields

Going for a Run 


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