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"Quarantine tutorial in 10 steps with TRANSÄLIEN

1. Sleep well

2. Brush your teeth

3. Practice some morning stretching exercises, yoga, dance or whatever (accompanied by meditation)

4. Even at home, keep moving your body, mind and soul

5. Do activities that give you energy, balance and focus

to get through this phase 

6. Clean and organize your space

7. Take a good shower

8. Make a powerful breakfast (our immunity is all we have) 

9. Your home is your temple, stay connected with her and with yourself 

10. REDO and REBORN every single day

Stay positive, health and remember: Everything passes in this life, except the organic circle of nature. mother nature is always right, now the world just need to respect her time, the air, the water, the ancestors, the animals, rescue the true essence of life without all the shit that's what created by humans. The man is the true virus of the planet, the parasite, the earth intruder. Respect your own life. And WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS! 🙌🏽🌸✨

#quarantine #quarentena #covid_19 #corona #staypositive #emcasa #travessia"

Transalien "Quarantine Tutorial in 10 steps" is a casually mundane yet highly stylized manifesto of self-love, self-care and self-grounding emerging as a candid gift, as a positive and nurturing guidance to cope more easily with the horrors of the pandemic. Utilizing and appropriating the overly positive vibes and advice like style of influencers and youtube channels, Transalien brings us some joy and yet she reminds us of the need for personal care and spirituality to counter the Anthropocentric trace causing the pandemic. 

Transalien (Ana Giselle)
Quarantine Tutorial in 10 steps
Photographed by Candy Mountain
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