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The action took place in an ancient building in Venezia. The performance featured symbolic props represented by everyday objects: a Murano glass chalice, a straw hat, a toy-pyramid, a cardboard box, packing paper, etc. to compose a metaphysical narration to explain who is crashing the chalice.

Benna played two characters distinguished by different headgears: the “Humble Hat” is the typical straw model used by farmers and symbolizes the people who work to provide for their own needs; the “Haughty Hat” is the pyramid already used in the video and symbolizes the power and the hierarchical society.

Benna started with the Humble Hat showing the chalice, then she swapped to the Haughty Hat to crash the vessel on the floor. She swapped to the Humble Hat again to perform a merciful act of pity picking up the bag with the broken glass and putting it into a box; she wore white gloves symbolizing the care of Humanity.

The broken chalice is the main allegoric symbol embodying stolen life of people. This chalice has been symbolically buried: death is in the reality of facts the way with which some people escape their eternal and unavoidable destiny of exploitation.

Benna Gaean Maris 

Nothing Happened-Leftover 


In concomitance of the 54th Venice Biennial and enacted during the 54th Art Biennial and the 68th Cinema Biennial 

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