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Sasha Asensio, Brazilian and Barcelona based anthropological photographer self defining his work as odd photography, searches for El Raval´s chaos and its picturesque people to contest notions of beauty and ab/normality. His personal experience pushes his portraiture photography to humanize communities who have been both invisibilized, alienated as well as sensationalized and exploited by the mediatic and institutional standards of beauty and normality, in an act to empower these same communities and challenge models of representation. 

In this curated serie composed of images from previous works, Untitled explores the absurdities, curiosities and even surrealism of the everydayness through an object based human absence that reflect human activity through its material trace. The anthropological approach to mundaneness through a traditional photographic lenses contrasts and overlaps with the digital language like internet memes  searching for absurdity and humor and the social photography Nathan Jungernson speaks about. 

Sasha Asensio
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